Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Starting Lineup

Someone forgot to tell work that I have a quixotic mission to start tomorrow-- I'm in the middle of a three night stretch-- so I must be brief.

December's hat lineup!
  1. Felicity in Berroco Cuzco, a squishy alpaca/wool blend.
  2. We Call Them Pirates. This is a repeat of my first ever stranded colorwork project, done way back in 2006 for my (now) brother-in-law. He wore the bejesus out of it until you could no longer tell what the original colors were. Then his girlfriend started fighting him for it. Then it was lost. I'm using Knitpicks Telemark for version 2.0.
  3. A stocking hat in two colors of self-striping yarn (Lion Brand Amazing). I will probably do a modified version of this pattern. I really really hope my seven-year-old nephew finds it as cool as I am sure I will-- I really can't wait to start this one!
  4. Fake-isle tam-- if you count swatching, this is technically a WIP. I have been planning it since February to use up the remnants of my first-ever adult sweater.*
  5. A magical journey into double knitting, with several patterns to guide me. I'm hoping the result will allow me to pry away two very unsightly hats from my husband-- he insists on wearing one on top of the other, so only a double-thick hat has a chance here.
I'm so excited, I think I may pee myself.

* There's a lot about this sweater at my old blog-- this is my favorite post, possibly ever (if only for the pictures). Warning: there are expletives.

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