Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Baby Viking Hat




DAH DAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!


Project Notes

Yarn: Cascade 128-- rustic and sheepy, but still soft enough for a Baby Viking's tender noggin. The horns are Lamb's Pride Worsted.

Pattern: My own! Designing this hat was probably the most fun I've had so far during this project. Eventually I'll write it up...

Techniques: I figured out pretty early on that I would have to use short rows for the horns, which scared me a bit. I've blindly followed pattern instructions for short rows before and had good results, but I'm amazed by how much better I understand the concept after just messing around for a while. After the first couple of botched attempts, something clicked-- the next horn was perfect.

The Bottom Line: This came out almost exactly as I envisioned-- no small victory, if I do say so myself. It also fits perfectly, and looks cuter than I thought possible on its new owner:

He looks ready to pillage a Labor Day picnic, don't you think?


  1. Okay, I had to do it:

  2. How adorable is that second to last photo? Love it!

  3. Have you written this up yet? I'd love to make it for my new baby.