Friday, April 1, 2011


Mother Nature is playing a rather cruel-- and not at all funny-- April Fool's joke on all of us here in Maine. I do not in any way condone this, nor do I wish to encourage further hijinks, but I must have a backdrop for my third Quince hat:

Snow in April-- so unkind.

But that is ALMOST the actual color-- way to go, camera!

I must confess, I really love this one. To the point that I'm thinking of keeping it for myself... Alicia, consider yourself warned. I made this for your birthday, but you may have to arm-wrestle me for it.

Project Notes

Yarn: Quince and Co. Lark. This is an unassuming yarn-- and I didn't think I was going to like it at first. It has a very sturdy-- even stiff-- feel in the skein and before blocking the hat, I was able to get it to stand up straight on my head, much to the amusement of onlookers. But it was lovely to work with, and blocking really transforms it-- now it is soft, dense, smooshy, and has just enough drape. At $5.50 for a 134-yard skein, I'll be back for more.

Pattern: Empire by Kirsten Kapur. I have only recently discovered Kirsten's designs-- and her blog, Through the Loops-- but I already have a huge crush. Her designs are so cool and clever-- and this hat was really fun to make. I love how the shifting rib pattern resembles cables-- the brim also features another variety of fake cable. Now, don't imagine for a moment that I don't enjoy cables, but when you can get the effect for half the effort, everyone wins, right?

Techniques: I have never made a tassel before-- it's a straightforward process, but I somehow had a mental block when it came to attaching it to the hat. I couldn't find any online tutorials, so in the end I just threaded the ends of the tie securing the top of the tassel through the hole at the top of the hat and weaving them in using duplicate stitch. I found that it was important to occasionally stitch through the tassel itself in order to properly secure it.

The Bottom Line: Empire may or may not be on my head as I'm writing this. I may or may not be planning to "accidentally" "lose" it before I get a chance to deliver it to its new owner... who, I have a hunch, is going to love it. My infatuation with simple stitch patterns is growing-- and, as I've mentioned before, I think the Quince yarns really shine in simple texture stitches. Also cause for celebration: I met my goal of posting all of my backlogged hats! In spite of Mother Nature's childish pranks, I feel like April is starting off on the right foot.


  1. It's snowing here too. April Fools is only for one day, so it will be gone tomorrow right?
    Love Love Love the hat. what a great colour!

  2. Love love love the hat. This might be one of my favorites you've finished so far.

  3. I wouldn't blame you for "losing" the hat at all. That color is gorgeous, especially against the dreaded snow. I have been following Kirsten's blog for quite awhile. Talk about one talented lady!

  4. Wow that's a very pretty color. Love the stitch pattern. I wouldn't blame you either if it disappeared.

  5. Wow, that hat is gorgeous! The patterns are so textured & interesting, and the color is fabulous. Sorry about the snow, but maybe it was so you'd have a good reason to keep wearing your new hat?