Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Three Things

1) I had a smashing weekend with four of my favorite people on earth-- should you care to see pictures, they are here. Sarah is a far better (and more ruthless) documentarian than I.

2) If you do end up taking a look, you'll notice first off that I got some knitting done.* Citron is a mere five rows away from FO status:

3) My blogging mojo is still MIA. I had grand plans for a tutorial post on hemmed edges... but that shall have to wait until next week. Right now, I prefer to contemplate my upcoming vacation and what to do with all of this:

Purchased in anticipation of my first dyeing class!

*Including, ahem, a few of Vickie's outsourced tasks...


  1. That citron looks delicious. I don't know if I want to wrap it around my neck or nibble on it. And yay for dyeing classes! :D

  2. Love the color for the Citron...I really do need to knit one.

    As for knit picks? Dye party!