Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today I bring you my second Quince and Co. hat of the month, and, as promised, an example of how sometimes finished objects choose their owners... or at least fail to choose the owners we intended for them. This hat was supposed to be for me, but last night at knitting I found at least three people who wear it better:

Maria-- fake-knitter extraordinaire.

Bristol-- très jolie!

And Leah (who isn't actually orange*).

Whereas on me, it looks something like this:

No offense, Whoopi-- it's just not a good look for me.

The color reminds me of a very dear friend who has been much on my mind lately, so it shall be hers... with instructions for shrinking to fit-- if necessary.

Project Notes

Yarn: Quince & Co. Osprey. I used this for my Marsan Watch Cap, and it's very nice stuff-- sturdy, soft and bouncy. It's pricier than the other Quince yarns, but one skein is more than enough for a hat... a rather large one, at that.

Pattern: Effie by Melissa LaBarre. Quince puts out some incredibly user-friendly designs to support their yarns-- this was one of the best patterns I've come across during this project. There were written AND charted instructions for the crown shaping-- what more can a girl ask? I would really like to make a less voluminous version of this hat for myself-- perhaps in a lighter weight yarn?

The Bottom Line: This is a very versatile hat-- there are so many different ways to wear it. It even looks equally good inside out. Just not on me. Sigh.

Many thanks to my knitting friends for their good humor and modeling talents!

*I was playing with the white and color balance settings on my camera... because I learned how!


  1. Great hat. I seem to quite attracted to Melissa LaBarr's patterns quite often. Funny how you are drawn to stuff only to find it's by a designer you like. The photo of Whoopi made me laugh out loud. It's probably for the best that some of your hats end up on other people's heads or you might have a storage problem.

  2. I MUST KNOW who the friend is, if I know them...which I probs don't. Either someone about to graduate OR become a virgin bride of God...

  3. ps. Your site is beautiful, dear Aimee. I've recommended it to a few peeps lately.