Friday, April 8, 2011

Setesdal Love Hat

I finally finished my fourth Quince hat yesterday. It's been a WIP since February 28th, and to call it a huge pain in the ass is only a slight overstatement. Luckily, the final product justifies the effort:

Sadly, it's still cold enough outside to require a hat...

I've actually made this hat twice-- the first time it was unreasonably large. That's right, I knitted an entire stranded colorwork hat-- in fingering weight yarn, on size 3 needles-- without, at any point, checking my gauge-- what can I say, I like to live dangerously. And since I don't know anyone who wants a hat that looks like the Swedish Chef's toque, I started over.

I know at least one person who wants this hat- me!

Project Notes

Yarn: Quince and Co. Chickadee-- oh, how I love this yarn! Chickadee is Quince's fingering weight offering, and I thought it would be a pretty good substitute for the (very expensive and hard to find) yarn called for in the pattern. I was a bit worried that it wasn't going to have the appropriate amount of drape, but I needn't have-- it blocks beautifully. The Quince color selection makes this such a fun yarn for colorwork-- I used Petal, Apricot, and Rosa Rugosa, but there are a ton of other combinations that I can envision for this hat.

Pattern: Setesdal Love Hat by Kate Gagnon Osbourne. I knew I had to make this hat the moment I saw it in Knitscene. My only beef with the pattern is that the pictures in the magazine do not accurately represent the degree of slouchiness-- this is definitely a floppy hat.

The Bottom Line: I couldn't be happier with how this turned out, and I love having a springy hat to wear while Mother Nature takes her time waking up from winter. Up until now, I haven't done colorwork in more than two colors, and as I knitted this, I really loved watching the wonders worked by adding a third color to the mix. However... I feel that I may soon take a longish break from colorwork hats. I almost inevitably have gauge and fit issues that necessitate ripping back or starting over-- both of which activities aren't exactly compatible with knitting a hat every week. The hat I'm currently working on is on its third reboot... so far. So there shall definitely be some simpler hats coming in the immediate future!


  1. Amazing job. I love the colour combination. It looks like soooo much work but you are right it was absolutely worth it!

  2. I love the colors you chose. And I think the row of hearts is the perfect amount of hearts, you know what I mean? It's cute, but still all grown-up! It looks great on you!

  3. Aimee, that hat is something else! The colors and the delicacy of the colorwork are delectable. It looks great on your gray coat. I wish I could do colorwork like that. Someday!

  4. I can't stop staring at that hat, the pattern and colours are absolutely perfect. Definitely woth the pain-in-the-ass-ness, I think.

  5. PS: Aimee, I posted about your Chroma hat in my blog--hope that's OK! :)