Friday, April 22, 2011

Neck Warmer Hat

I have been semi-deliberately AWOL from blogging for over a week* and it is with dread and loathing that I now drag myself back to the keyboard... because, friends, the hat-knitting continues-- relentlessly-- and there is nothing worse when you are sick of something (blogging, at the moment) than letting it slide to the point that you have to do it non-stop to catch up. So, without further ado, hat 17:

This one's kind of a cheater, because it's also... a cowl!

Project Notes

Pattern: Neck Warmer Hat by Elissa Sugishita-- from the book Knitted Gifts. I have flipped through this book numerous times, but for some reason this "hat" never jumped out at me before. Maybe it's my subconscious brain trying to tell me "Enough with the hats already!" Sorry, subconscious brain, we still have 35 to go! Anyway, the pattern is very simple-- just the thing for showing off a special yarn...

Yarn: Diakeito Diarufuran. Discontinued. Japanese. Absolutely gorgeous. It was a gift from Vickie that I have been treasuring for several years now-- and lamenting that purple just isn't my color. I was nervous about finally using it... and I'm not going to lie, it was bittersweet. There's enough left over for a pair of matching wrist-warmers-- though I will be sorry indeed to see the end of it.

The Bottom Line: I was hoping to savor the experience of knitting this a bit more-- one of the drawbacks of a frantic knitting agenda, I suppose. But now that it's finished, I just want to stare at it all day long.

Those colors... sigh.

I'm shall be deliberately AWOL from blogging until next week... this weekend I have a reunion with four lovely ladies I went to college with, and I'm not going to allow myself to get into a bad mood to spoil the anticipation. Perhaps a bit of girly fun will recharge my creative battery...

*Okay, nearly two weeks... !


  1. Gorgeous! Lovely color! And cool concept!

  2. Wow, I love that it's both a cowl and a hat! That's brilliant. The yarn you used is beautiful, too!

  3. That's an interesting idea. Wonderful colors!

  4. Huh, neat idea! Turned out nice, too. Don't be too hard on yourself about the blogging, the desire will come and go (at least that's my experience...)

  5. ha how cool is that!!! I like things that can be reversed or used a ssomething else!!

  6. those colours really are amazing, and I like the way it sits as a neckwarmer! I've actually seen that pattern (...why I was looking at Knitted Gifts when I can't knit, I'm not really sure...), and I think yours looks much better than the photos in the book! The cinched-up top when it's in hat mode is cute.