Wednesday, March 23, 2011

52 Posts

I truly wanted to do something special for my 52nd post, but I seem to have developed a case of blogger's block. My plan was to write about my reasons for starting the 52 hats project. This seems to be taking away too much time and energy from knitting said hats... and posting about them. I'm not sure if anyone still believes that I'm really knitting one hat every week-- I certainly haven't offered proof in quite a while. So instead, I'm going to share a funny picture and a funny story.

My knitting group took a field trip to Harrisville, NH this weekend to visit Harrisville Designs. After fondling and sighing over Shelter-- so lovely, so expensive-- I began to ransack the wall of New England Shetland yarn, which it comes in something like 64 colors. I'm planning to tackle Kate Davies' Caller Herrin'-- a true Fair Isle tam!-- so I piled up different colors in search of a color scheme to approximate the original. One of my knitting friends is something of a camera whisperer, and she figured out how to turn on the black and white mode on my camera-- the better to see value relationships between the colors we were choosing. What clever little knitters we are!

Then we were invited to go upstairs to see the workshop room, which was set up for a weaving class. Complete with a whole wall of weaving yarns in hundreds of enchanting colors. Hundreds! Good thing I had my camera:

Ahem. I believe I once said I was going to read the manual...

Hat posts will be back with a vengeance on Friday-- I have a lot of catching up to do!


  1. I am so jealous, what a wonderful trip. I don't think we'll ever get Shelter in the UK and it looks lovely stuff.

  2. Sounds like a great trip! I've got an award for you over at my blog, I hope you will check it out: