Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What I'm working on today

The WIPs are beginning to pile up around here. I better finish some before they start having babies. First up: hat 3 for 52 hats!

This one is based on the Voyageur Cap-- I was basically looking for any free pattern for a stocking hat that I could adapt, but this one is pretty good. I am using two colors of Amazing yarn by Lion Brand... so from now on, this shall be know as the Amazing Voyage hat. Feel free to say that in a ridiculous French accent.

The stripes are mesmerizing-- I probably could make 49 more hats just like this and be well entertained. The only catch:

My color changes are only semi-jogless. After the first row of each color change, I'm knitting the first stitch of second row through both the first stitch of the new color and the stitch below it-- I believe this is Meg Swansen's jogless stripe method. As you can see, it's kinda working for me.

In other news, carrying the unused color along the backside of the fabric is working FABULOUSLY. It eliminates the little holes that would otherwise appear at each color change-- and theoretically it saves me weaving in yarn ends at every color change. In reality there's no way I would have broken my yarn that many times. Here's a tutorial that helped me figure it out.

We Call Them Pirates v2.0 is all but finished. It just needs to dry a bit so I can stitch in the hem-- yay. Finally, this snuck into my knitting basket a couple of days ago...

I am so soft and squishy, you cannot resist me

That's right, it's not a hat. Is there a problem with that? Look, I started running out of ideas for non-handmade Christmas gifts, and I had some Malabrigo languishing in my stash. One cannot allow Malabrigo to languish, especially such a lovely color of Malabrigo. I'm going to try to ignore the fact that I need to make two of these, preferably before Saturday... tralalalala.


  1. Love the pirate hat! I'll have to check out that tutorial you linked to.

  2. Wow you have your hands. I've never worked with Malabrigo but that really has me wanting to try some! I only have two projects going at any given time generally-- one for commuting with and one for keeping at home. I don't cast on another until I finish one. It keeps me sane and holds my interest.

  3. *Wow you have your hands FULL. Geez!

  4. I love that hat with Lion Brand Amazing! I've seen it in the store but have yet to buy any. Do you like the feel of knitting with it?

    Also, love the scarf! I just bought two skeins of malabrigo chunky and it's sooo soft and squishy!

  5. Your pirate hat is great. I love the colors in the stripes.

    I have wips with grandchildren over here in my totes.

  6. Tami, I'll write more about the Amazing yarn... next week? I will say that I LOVE it and that it is sold out of every craft store in my area :( Also, I added a link to the Malabrigo pattern-- they're wrist warmers, not that you can tell from my picture!

    mutantsupermodel, Malabrigo is addictive. Be careful :)

    And thanks everyone!!

  7. I love the colors of that first hat! And your stripes look perfectly jogless to me. I'm using that same method on the hats I've been working on and it evens out even more with blocking.
    I favorited the fingerless gloves pattern you linked. . . it never hurts to have another malabrigo project!

  8. The stripes are awesome - I love the color changes! I haven't seen the Amazing in person yet, but I'll look out for it on my next craft store visit. The pirate hat also looks great!

  9. I was just holding some Amazing yarn in a craft store today---now I wish I'd bought it. It looks...well, amazing on that hat. The stripes really are mesmerising!

    And the pirate hat is completely fantastic.

  10. The Amazing Voyage hat is awesome! Absolutely love the colors! I have never used that technique for jogless stripes before, but will definately check it out. I usually use the slip stitch technique. The pirate hat turned out great, too! That is going on my queue for my son. And lastly, who can resist mmmMalabrigo? Beautiful color.

  11. seriously lusting after the malabrigo.