Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh for the love

127 stitches is not the same as 128-- and this is my attempt to illustrate:

That strand of white yarn is exactly what I wanted to see!

Seems as though I have a lot to learn about my camera. Specifically how to get it to focus. It was a birthday gift from my husband, the photo alchemist, an excellent photographer and a very good teacher. I am an impatient and stubborn pupil. After five months of ownership, I still haven't read the manual, and I chase him out of the room when I am editing photos, lest he attempt to fill my brain with sensible information.

For some reason, he still tries-- and I do have my teachable moments. For example, he helped me turn this:

Into this:

Because it's supposed to look more like this:

WTF camera?

Someday, maybe I will drop my "I need to do EVERYTHING by MYSELF because I'm a BIG GIRL" attitude and then he will have no peace-- or time to work on his own projects. Either that or I will overcome my fear of his big, scary camera with its seemingly infinite menus and options. Then I will become INVINCIBLE!

52 Hats Project Updates:
  • Felicity is finished! Ahead of schedule! I'm trying to work out a format for presenting each completed hat, hopefully by Friday...
  • Pirates is underway! Ahead of schedule! Pictures tomorrow.
  • This may be utterly foolish, but I have decided to add another hat to the December roster. Mainly because I am running out of ideas for Christmas gifts.

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  1. hi aimee =)

    sarah's sister here... love your blog! i think we are a lot alike in our projects/perfectionism... i like your 52/52 goal - i only completed my first hat a week ago. love the baby sweater-- is it bad that i recognized the pattern-- debblie bliss' ribbed baby jacket, right?