Sunday, December 5, 2010

Now with 100% more Alpacas!

I made some new friends yesterday. May I introduce them to you?

Liza Mae-- clearly the queen of this operation, if not the world.

She has a real name, but I forgot it. I'm such a bad friend. I have been calling her Tina, and now I can't stop saying "Eat your ham, Tina!" Which is wrong.


... annnnd his sister Clementine.

Clementine is quite photogenic. I shall try not to hold it against her.

Interesting fact: alpacas hum. They do this, according to the Wikipedia entry on alpacas-- thumping good read, by the way-- to reassure each other. As if they could get any more adorable.

Another interesting fact: your non-knitting friends will go quite willingly to fiber-related events if there are cute animals involved. And once there, they will save you from financial ruin:

Laceweight Suri. Hand dyed. From Little Gidding Farm. $32/skein. Sigh.

My Saturday also included a trip to KnitWit, where I petted some of the new Quince & Co. yarn. Lovely stuff. I somehow walked away with only the size 7 DPNs I needed to finish Felicity. I have no idea where all this willpower is coming from.

Now I'm off to finish/take pictures of Felicity. One hat down, 51 to go.

P.S. Thanks Shannon, Sara, and Amanda for your comments on my last post! I'm going to try not to let all this attention go to my head...

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