Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Skull Isle Hat

Here's my latest hat-- it's pretty badass*:

It's meant for someone a bit more badass than my husband.

This is him trying to be badass-- isn't he cute?

Project Notes

Yarn: Dale of Norway Baby Ull-- machine washable for badasses who can't be bothered to sort their laundry.

Pattern: Skull Isle by Chelsea Fowler-Biondolillo-- great pattern, but I couldn't remotely achieve a gauge of 9 stitches/inch with this yarn. I knitted a small to get a large, and it's still ample.

Techniques: Just my badass stranded colorwork skills-- though I do believe I promised to give colorwork a break for a while...

The Bottom Line: Perhaps the thrill of knitting such a magnificently badass hat has ruined me for further hat knitting-- all of my current projects are boring my everloving pants off. Not to worry, I wouldn't DREAM of abandoning this project!**

*Not unlike the honey badger!

**Okay, so I've been dreaming about it... but I won't actually do it!


  1. The hat's fabulous. I like it even better than We Call Them Pirates, which has been in my queue for awhile. You may be dreaming of abandoning the project but I bet you will pick up steam now that you are more than halfway there!

  2. Love this one! So fun and what great colors. I am definitely adding it to the queue.