Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ramona Lace Helmet

Hat 28! I can hardly believe I'm typing such a big number-- no moss on this rolling stone. And after a brief retirement, I have decided to resume my career as a hat model:

I consider it a duty and an honor to give the people what they want

That roaring noise you hear is the cheering of my adoring fans

Project Notes

Yarn: String Theory Merino DK-- purchased at the bustling String Theory booth at the Maine Fiber Frolic. If you're a fan of hand-dyed yarn, you have to get your hands on some of this stuff-- the colors are divine, and I have enough left over from one skein for another hat! I love how the variegated green colorway looks in the large-scale lace motif of this hat. Love.

Pattern: Ramona Lace Helmet by Lorilee Beltman. I was looking for a pattern with a leafy motif, and this fit the bill perfectly. The lace panels bend the brim of the hat in the most adorable way-- kind of like a bathing cap from the 1920s.

Techniques: The pattern calls for a Channel Island cast-on, which is very stretchy and creates little picot-like knots along the edge of the brim. It is also my new favorite thing. Check out YouTube for video instructions (here or here). Channel Island requires about the same length yarn tail as a long-tail cast-on... which can be a bit hard to guesstimate. This method works for me almost always: wrap the yarn around your needle ten times-- this length of yarn is equal to the amount of tail you will need to cast on ten stitches. A little math will get you to the length needed for your total number of stitches, to which I recommend adding about six inches so you have enough of to weave in at the end.

The Bottom Line: To say that the leaf pattern reminds me of someone's favorite Irish handbag designer is probably giving too much away... oh dear. If she's reading this, let's hope she forgets by December!


  1. This one is a beautiful combination of color and texture. I will have to check out String Theory yarn and that Channel Island cast on.

  2. So pretty! Can't beat the combination of a leafy motif and beautiful green yarn. Great job modeling...love the staring mysteriously off in the distance pose.