Sunday, June 5, 2011


Yesterday, Eric and I headed to Windsor with some of my knitting group friends for the Maine Fiber Frolic. Eric graciously gave me permission to share some of his photos with you-- and modestly requests that you visit his website if you like what you see!

There was plenty of covet-worthy yarn on display, but what I enjoyed most was the feeling of connection to a process that starts with fluffy animals and ends with beautiful finished objects. It gave me a greater respect for the hardworking people who raise the animals whose fiber gives so much use and enjoyment. And of course, respect for the animals themselves:

I was particularly taken with this little guy:

I don't think he minds the attention-- do you?

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  1. Wonderful! I had planned on attending (I've done all the other states) but got an invitation to a former student's hs grad there I went...maybe next year...