Friday, June 10, 2011

Chroma Stripes #2 & #3

Having passed the halfway point of 52 hats, this has felt like the first week of the rest of my life. Perhaps it helped that I cranked out my 27th hat while watching two marathon French Open matches last weekend*, but I have felt a great surge of productivity and creativity, which I'm hoping will pay dividends in the form of a couple more original hat designs...

Fitting, then, that I have TWO hats to share this week-- both knit from my own pattern! I finished the first one near the end of May, the second on Sunday.

Self-striping stripes show few signs of loosening their stranglehold on my knitting imagination-- these hats are truly addictive. Also addictive: compulsively checking to see how many Ravelers have favorited or downloaded the pattern...

In other news, it hit 95 degrees in Portland yesterday. I have never been much of a summer knitter, and after yesterday, I'm glad I chose hats for my year-long knitting project... rather than, say, afghans or wool sweaters!

*Though it was difficult to knit through the tears I shed watching my back-up husband-- otherwise known as Roger Federer-- lose again to Rafael Nadal.


  1. I love this design and Chroma is PERFECT for it! I can't believe you knit so many hats this year so far! Amazing.

  2. Fun hats, love the colors. It was heartbreaking seeing Federer lose to Nadal again.

  3. I have just read through your entire blog and am seriously surprised I didn't find it before now. I LOVE the stripey hat design (and the blog too, in case the read-through-in-one-sitting didn't make that clear ;) I hope you're still enjoying knitting hats. I've been on a serious hat knitting kick for some weeks now, and would recommend Woolly Wormhead's blog for inspiration, in case you need it.

    I would have loved to read the post about veganism you mentioned writing and then deleting. Although I do understand the deision to leave that out.

    Happy knitting!
    vi0let (@ravelry)