Friday, May 13, 2011

Vacation Fiber Day!

We've been vacationing at home this week, and it's been divine-- though I do wish someone would come up with a more glamorous term for it than "staycation." My husband agreed to let me have a whole day to play with yarn, and I was quite productive:
  • Hat 22 is nearing completion. It's kind of a boring top-down ribbed beanie, so I have to alternate with more enticing projects...
  • Such as hat 23-- I couldn't resist dipping into some of my hand-painted yarn from Saturday's dye-a-palooza, and I think it's coming out rather lovely.
  • I swatched a cable pattern for hat 24-- which I'm making to coordinate with a coworker's very lovely red cashmere scarf.
  • I finally banged out a finished version of my Chroma Stocking Cap pattern and I plan to post it to Ravelry on Monday!
  • It also happened to be the first truly lovely day of spring here in Maine, and I really love to take my knitting outside in good weather... which led to possibly the most perfect combination of activities since knitting and reading: knitting and walking! With my yarn tucked in my pocket, I trucked down to the library and grocery store, and later I made my way to the park with my husband, who remains dubious of my multitasking. I am so far unscathed, and I promised him that I will still look both ways when crossing the street...
I would love to say I had photographic evidence of the above activities, but my productivity did not extend as far as picking up my camera. Maybe next week!

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