Friday, May 27, 2011

Top-Down Ribbed Beanie

My sources tell me it's been a while since I posted a hat, and I need to fix that. I'm battling some fairly profound fatigue right now, so it's going to have to be quick. This is the 22nd hat I've made, though only the 20th hat I've posted-- rest assured the other two exist.

Short hair has totally redefined my relationship with hats-- I shall not be modelling this one!

Project Notes

Yarn: Plymouth Happy Feet DK, which you may recognize from my swap socks. Mary Lou ran out of the first skein with one inch of the toe left, so there was plenty left over. I know someone out there needs a magenta beanie.

Pattern: Top Down Ribbed Beanie by Charisa Martin Cairn. Top-down is the way to go when you have leftover yarn to use up, and this pattern is just the ticket.

Techniques: To start the hat, the pattern recommends Emily Ocker's cast-on. And now that I have Googled it to share the link, I find that TECHknitter has-- of course-- improved upon it-- all hail TECHknitter!

The Bottom Line: I don't have a lot to say about this one, nor do I have much to say for myself-- at least nothing that doesn't closely resemble whining. It's been a rough week, but a couple good nights' rest and a knitting picnic tomorrow should go a long way toward curing me. I shall have some more scintillating hats, and hopefully some more scintillating conversation to share in the next few days.

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