Monday, May 9, 2011

New Obsession*

*Or, if you care for puns, A Lesson Before Dyeing...

You'd think having a year-long hat-knitting project would be enough to qualify for full-on knitting dorkdom, but friends, this weekend I found out that I'm nowhere near the bottom of the rabbit hole-- but I'm falling ever faster. One of my knitting buddies** designs and teaches classes for SuriPaco, and she invited us all to partake in a day of yarn & fiber dyeing down at the alpaca farm. Need I say that this was heaven? Check out what I made:

Or rather, what WE made-- I was able to convince my husband to join us, and I'm pretty sure he had even more fun than I did.

Three guesses which color was his doing.

And here's the whole day's produce-- impressive, right?

When it comes to fiber, PKOTT does not fool around.

I haven't yet torn down my garage to build a dye kitchen... but I'm seriously considering it. My car doesn't fit in there anyway.

For further (and better) documentation of a stupendously fun day, check out Leah's blog-- and many thanks to Bristol for sharing her dyeing expertise! Finally, I'll leave you with a gratuitous cute farm animal shot:

That's right, Sadie here was even cuter than the alpacas. Well played, Sadie.

**I firmly maintain that "buddies" is the appropriate moniker-- like the drinking variety, they are quite effective at furthering one's addiction...


  1. I just saw this post for the first time! Welcome to the crazy world of dyeing. Addictive, isn't it? Now you can understand why I opened Candy Skein. I just couldn't get enough! LOL

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