Friday, January 28, 2011

Vintage Pixie Cap

So, I have arrived at Friday without a finished hat. Not to worry, I have all day... and failure is not an option.

10:59AM: After some false starts (Wrong cast on. Then wrong needle size. Then wrong needle size again.) hat #8 is underway!

11:47AM: I have finished four inches of the hat and three episodes of Pushing Daisies (thanks, Shannon!):

1:20PM: The pattern calls for the back of the hat to be seamed after casting off-- but why bother when you can just do a three-needle bind off?

1:29PM: Looks great, right? Unfortunately, it's far from finished...

2:29PM: The strap is almost done... I'm dragging my heels because I know what comes next: seaming!

3:17PM: I'm having a spot of trouble "easing in the fullness"-- can't decide whether I should start over or just continue fudging it.

4:09PM: All finished except for darning those ends... ugh, cotton ends!

5:24PM: Finished!! Including the button!

This is actually the best reproduction of the color-- WTF camera?

Project Notes

Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton-Ease. One of my favorite craft store yarns. Generous skeins, as you can tell from my leftovers:

Will someone please tell me what to do with this? I've run out of ideas.

Pattern: Vintage Pixie Cap (Ravelry Link) by Hadley Fierlinger. Very cute... and a great last-minute project, as it turns out.

Techniques: shmechniques.

The bottom line: Phew. I knew I could eke this one out, but I'm going to try not to let it happen again. Though I know you guys won't judge me-- on Wednesday, you all agreed that I could wrap a shawl around my head and call it a turban. Also, I loved Pushing Daisies! I do hope Emerson Cod finds his way back to knitting-- pop-up books just aren't the same.


  1. The pixie cap is really cute, and I'm glad you are enjoying Pushing Daisies!

  2. Aww, that is so cute! I can't believe you finished it so fast! That makes me feel like a total slacker.

    Glad you're liking Pushing Daisies. I just started watching Weeds while knitting. :)