Monday, January 17, 2011

Gauge Worries

I knew gauge was going to catch up to me at some point in this project. I haven't been dithering over it much-- with 52 hats to make, I don't really have the time-- but my current project has me fretting big time. I'm starting to lose sleep over whether this damn hat is going to fit-- it's gotten to the point that I don't want to keep knitting for fear that further efforts would be wasted, but I also refuse to start over. The only way to resolve this impasse is to try it on.

I have about five inches of hat stub here. It looks so nice-- it would be a shame to frog it. And dagnabit, I'm on a deadline!

I slip the stitches onto a length of crochet cotton so I can measure the circumference of the hat accurately.

It's two inches smaller than I anticipated... curses. Maybe it will still fit. Let's see if I can get my husband to try it on...

Note the sweater-- I made that!

He agreed to model on two conditions-- that he could flash fake gang signs and carry a potato gun. Whatever. It fits!!! I keep asking him if it really, really, really fits, and he says yes it really, really, really does. Yay!

I also took advantage of the opportunity to measure how much more noggin the hat needs to cover-- I have about four more inches to knit, including decreases... still have to figure out how to decrease in double knitting. That reminds me, I should show you the other side:

It's reversible! It also looks as though I have a tiny bit of hem flare going on-- so embarrassing-- but at least it fits. Now the big question is... can I finish it by Friday? Stay tuned.


  1. You are on a roll, lady! It looks great! (And decreasing in double-knitting--eesh. I tried increasing in double-knitting at one point, and it was frightful. Maybe put it on two separate needles at that point, and knit the inside first? I feel like doing both layers at the same time would involve Jedi mind tricks.

  2. I love the colour combination. The hat looks very cozy too. I have yet to get my head around double knitting, so I'm very impressed.

  3. @Gracey-- glad to hear I'm not alone!