Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stitch Reassignment Surgery

Did you ever wonder what would happen if you combined a Bollywood movie, double knitting, and blithe ignorance of purl decreases? Well then, lucky for you that I found out:

These are not the decreases you are looking for...

In double knitting, what seems like the right thing to do is usually just the opposite-- and thus the decreases on the reverse side of my hat do not match the ones on the outside. Fortunately, Hero: The Love Story of a Spy* proved so distracting that I only completed three decrease rows before I noticed the error.

*Featuring the world's most glamorous shepherdess. And explosions.

Sometimes a crochet hook is a knitter's best friend:

All the offending P2togs are ripped out:

Unless you have a well-developed sense of adventure, I wouldn't recommend trying this with cotton...

And now they are nice, well-behaved left-leaning decreases:

Now and forever, I shall remember to SSP

Moral of the story: bring a simpler project to Knitting Night... or perhaps find less entertaining knitting companions.


  1. I'm impressed by your mad fix-it skillz! And brave you for bringing a double knit project t Knitting Night. I'm not sure I'm coordinated enough to double knit and breathe at the same time, but I'm totally looking forward to seeing y our results!

  2. I just started a dk project, too!
    Great fix... it's going to turn out great!

  3. Every knitter needs a project to entertain and a project to knit when entertaining is going on. The two projects should never meet, or disaster could strike.

  4. WHOA, I am IMPRESSED! I can't believe you were able to fix that so perfectly without ripping out the rows. I can't wait to see this when it is finished.

  5. Yay for fixin'! (I tried to learn to knit last year---I'm determined to try again this year---and one of the things that frustrated me the most was not knowing yet how to fix things when something went wrong.)

    Also, "the world's most glamorous shepherdess" is the best phrase I've read all day, I love it.

  6. You would think the most glamorous shepherdess in the world would be enough for a great movie, but this one has explosions, too. No wonder you were distracted from your knitting, who wouldn't be? Thank heaven for crochet hooks!

  7. That was a fix par excellence (add french accent here). Wish you could have taken a video clip and posted it on YouTube. It would have been almost as exciting as shepherdesses and explosions! Gray and orange is such a great color combo, too.

  8. That gave me nightmares of my Christmas hat hell. Good for you on fixing it. I wept and cheered.

  9. Oh - you are so brave to rip those stitches out like that! I'd be a chicken and end up backing all three rows out. Very impressive skills! Bollywood movies are so much fun, it easy to be distrated!

  10. @CraftyCripple: you have given me the perfect excuse to cast on a nice, simple shawl.

    @Denise: I may end up with PTSD from this hat-- I feel your pain now!

    And thanks everyone for reading!!