Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Vacation WIPs

I have two things on the needles right now, and I would probably have more if my husband didn't keep trying to drag me out of the house to "do things." Perhaps he doesn't yet understand that knitting is a "thing" to "do"-- I'm going to give him a couple more months to get used to the idea.

First thing:

Hat #6 is underway. I'm just waiting for some quiet time to start the cables. Note the tubular cast-on. I worked it in the round, and I'm feeling rather self-satisfied about that.

Second thing:

The stripey stocking-cap prototype. I sat down for a few minutes Monday night and figured out how I think it's going to work, and so far I'm sticking to the plan. It should start looking less like an amorphous blob... soon, I hope!

We went for a long, snowy hike today and saw bear tracks. That should satisfy my husband's appetite for adventure for at least a couple of days-- I still need to teach myself double knitting before I return to work!


  1. I love the colours in the stripy stocking cap! It's like flowers in a meadow, or something, really lovely.

    And yikes, bear tracks?! I have friends in Vermont who have bear near their house, I'm glad the biggest critters I see on walks where I live are deer.

  2. OOoo, I LOVE the stripy stocking cap! What yarn is that???

    Wow, bears! Where do you live!?

  3. Love the way the colors change in the stripes. When I was growing up, a stocking cap was the only style I ever wore... it stayed on my head, and wrapped around like a scarf, too.

  4. I love those stripes in that hat. They look really neat.

  5. Great projects! Keep the faith -- eventually your husband will understand that knitting isn't an optional activity but a necessary one :-)

  6. I've had to teach my husband the same lesson. Eventually they will get it. The tubular cast on is so ingenious, yours looks great. Love love love the colors of your stocking cap.