Monday, October 3, 2011

Selbu Modern

Leah and I had ourselves a knitalong some time ago. To ensure proper appreciation of the following images, I want you to know that they were MONTHS in the making... if only because we could not manage to get it together to have both of our hats AND a camera in the same place and time. Anyway, here we are:

Look at us! Red hair, porcelain skin, adorable dimples-- could we get any cuter?

Yes we can-- in profile!

Project Notes

Yarn: I used some unbranded alpaca/merino blend purchased at the Maine Fiber Frolic-- it's very dense and fuzzy.

Pattern: Selbu Modern by Kate Gagnon Osborn. I seem to have a slight crush on the ladies of Kelbourne Woolens-- so far I have knit four hats from either their patterns, their yarns, or both.*

Modifications: I couldn't match the pattern gauge with my chosen yarn, so I subtracted two pattern repeats horizontally and 1/2 a repeat vertically. I think it turned out a wee bit small, even for my tiny head-- so I may need to give it to someone with an even tinier head.

Etc: I think we spent more time talking about taking pictures of these hats than we spent actually knitting them... but it's pretty sweet to have almost matching hats!

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