Monday, October 31, 2011

Amazing Ski Hat

I worked all weekend, so I decided to delegate hat photography to my husband. When I woke up yesterday, the entire living room was turned upside down to make room for an elaborate lighting set up-- and these were waiting on my desktop this morning:

Have I mentioned that I met this man when I was fifteen? If I am wrong about everything else for the rest of my life, at least I can say that I had the sense to know a good thing when first I saw it. But you probably want to hear about the hat, right?

Project Notes

Yarn: Lion Brand Amazing. I had lots of leftovers from my Chroma Stocking Cap, and I brought them on vacation with me to play. Though I have now sampled Noro Silk Garden, I remain a huge fan of this yarn-- it's just plain fun to knit.

Pattern: Improvised. I was originally planning a horizontal-striped beanie. Then I had a flash of inspiration outside of a ski shop in Rangeley-- ask my husband, a giant light bulb actually appeared over my head for a moment-- VERTICAL STRIPES. I started knitting seconds after we got back to our cabin, and the result looks exactly like the image that popped into my head. I'm calling it a ski hat because it's shaped exactly like the hat my dad used to wear cross-country skiing.

Etc: So this means I have yet another pattern to write up, which looks like it might happen... sometime after this project is finished. Which will be rather soon-- tomorrow is the first day of the final month of 52 hats!


  1. Your husband should hire out his hat photographing services. Those shots are fabulous! The hat is really lovely and I bet it is really warm.

  2. Your husband is a real ham .. but he sure knows how to photograph a hat! lol