Tuesday, October 18, 2011


We are having a peculiar fall in Maine. The weather is not behaving in a normal manner at all. Eric and I spent the last week in the mountains, where temperatures reached 80 degrees on Sunday and Monday-- emphatically not sweater weather. I had to make the most of a cold snap in order to show you my new hat-- number 44!

These pictures are pre-blocking...

I just couldn't wait to wear it!

Regarding the count-- by my calculations I have seven more hats to knit. I sort of lost count this morning, began to despair, and had to recount several times before I ended up where I started. Seven left.

Project Notes

Yarn: SHELTER by Brooklyn Tweed-- pricy, but in my opinion worth every penny. I could go on, but I will just say this: cables + SHELTER = awesome.

Pattern: Irving by Jared Flood. I knew I had to have this hat the instant I saw it-- yet I wanted to keep knitting it forever. Very rarely do the joy of knitting and the joy of possessing coincide so perfectly.

Etc: I'm wearing this hat at every opportunity-- unseasonable weather be damned. I think the fit of a hat is as much-- if not more-- a matter of personal taste as the fit of a sweater-- and having knit quite a few of them, I've developed some fairly strong opinions about how I like my hats to fit. This one is perfect-- not too tight, not too loose, just long enough to cover my ears and have a hint of slouch... I'd better stop before my other hats get jealous. There are, after all, enough of them to gang up and start something!

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