Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tying up loose ends

Quite literally... har har

My feelings for this project have been on quite a roller coaster for the past, well, month-and-a-half-- but I think I may finally be over the hump. This weekend I sat down and wrote a list of the people I still want to make hats for, as well as potential yarn and pattern pairings. Lo, and behold-- I have only 18 hats left! It was sort of an "Eye of the Tiger" moment.

And today I got another little boost-- I made Project of the Week on the Kelbourne Woolens blog! This thrills me to no end-- I love The Fibre Company yarns and Courtney and Kate are such talented designers.

Still, it's been a while since I've posted a finished hat-- when I think how long I start to hyperventilate a tiny bit-- but I'm hoping to fix that very soon. As for all those ends... if I weave in at least one per day, I should finish by December 1st!


  1. Wow, 18 hats sounds like a lot to me (but can you believe I'm a knitter who has never made a single hat?!)

    Congrats on being project of the week :)

  2. Those colors are simply gorgeous. And, whoah...that's a lot of ends. Good luck on your effort to make all those hats!!

  3. Whee! You're famous! Looking forward to seeing your next FO. All of your hats have been fabulous. :)

  4. Go get them Tiger! I love that color-way! Hat champion!!

  5. Congratulations on Project of the Week! That hat definitely deserves a bit of spotlight, the leafy pattern is stunning in white.

    And just looking at all those ends makes me want to hide under a table a little bit, but you can conquer them! The colours and pattern lead me to believe that said conquering will be totally worth it.

  6. Thinking about making 18 hats, makes me hyperventilate.