Monday, August 29, 2011


There are times in life when you are forced to discard your expectations-- in a way, Lina here is a microcosm of my life right now:

I call it "Lina Meets Irene"*

She's still a lovely hat, she just won't fit the adult head I had intended her for. I'm sure there's a young girl (or young man) out there who loves this color as much as I do.

Project Notes

Yarn: String Theory Merino DK-- not quite enough left over from the Ramona Lace Helmet, but too much to waste. It's such a joy to work with beautiful hand-dyed yarn.

Pattern: Lina by Johanna of Joko Knits-- a very well-written pattern that includes an excellent description of how to cable without a cable needle. I'm always interested to see how different designers manage crown decreases with intricate pattern stitches-- these ones were particularly ingenious.

The Bottom Line: As my pile of yarn remnants grows, I'll be looking for more creative ways to use them up-- and I'm going to have to be flexible. The same can be said of the storms-- literal and figurative-- blowing through my life...

*Irene wreaked havoc on my weekend camping plans but, thankfully, did no worse to me-- if you've been flooded out, lost power, or otherwise sustained damage to limb and/or property, my sympathies!


  1. It will be a lucky, lucky young-person's head that gets to wear this hat, the colours and cables are gorgeous.

    Sorry about the various types of storms (I'm in southern, near-the-water New York, and hooboy, am I glad that Irene wasn't as bad as initially thought, so I'm glad you're unscathed, too), and I hope you have smoother sailing soon.

  2. If you're looking for a hat that will use lots of different coloured yarn, check out Kate Davies' post today. It looks like a fair amount of work but is oh so gorgeous.