Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rule of Three (Plus One?)

Is there such a thing as too much knitting? I used to think I knew the answer, but this week I'm not so sure. There are quite a few things piling up in my work basket, and for some reason, it's making me sad.

This one has been the major trouble maker. It was a last-minute addition to the February hat line-up almost three weeks ago, and has now been frogged and restarted-- twice! Trouble is, each time I decided to start over, I also cast on another hat:

True, these are almost done. An hour's more work will bring them across the finish line. But I just don't wanna.

This one may appear to be finished-- but don't let that fool you. I'm still trying to write up the pattern, get some nice pictures of it, and figure out how to get it onto Ravelry. This is all new to me, and therefore seems a lot more daunting than it probably is in reality. I hope that by the end of next week, I'll be kicking myself for not getting it done sooner.

Now, depending on your level of comfort with unfinished projects, four WIPs may not sound like a lot. For me, it seems to be perhaps one too many. With three WIPs, I feel energized and productive-- with four, I get cranky. I start thinking about all of the other things I'd rather be knitting-- magical NEW projects with NEW yarn. And the more time I spend daydreaming, the less time I spend knitting-- the less I knit, the more stale and unlovely those WIPs become.*

Then there's this:

It hasn't grown much since its blog debut and that doesn't bother me one bit-- the process of knitting it is so delightful that I almost never want it to end. A project like this contributes nothing to my WIP anxiety-- so I guess my project-sanity limit is three... plus one more that is purely pleasurable and almost completely mindless. Now if I can just get my WIP count under three...

Since it's Wednesday, and I'm writing about WIPs, it seems like a darn good idea to link up with WIP Wednesday again. There's sure to be lots of pretty and inspiring craftiness on display, so be sure to stop by!

*And wasn't the plan to knit ONE hat per week... did someone not get the memo? Sheesh.


  1. If you get stuck with putting stuff on Ravelry there are lots of threads on there that give you step by step directions if you just search for them.

    I hope you manage to get your WIPs down a manageable level soon!

  2. It's pretty easy to get stuff up on Ravelry. Before you publish it, though, have you considered testing it? It can be really helpful and gets your work out there - the Free Pattern Testing group on Ravelry is, in my opinion, made of win. :) Good luck!

    Also - I'm totally with you on having too many WIPs, I feel right now like I don't even know what to work on cause I started so much! Hopefully, we'll both put some to bed in the next week!

  3. Great hats, love the stripey one :-)
    I'm with you on not liking too many WIPS hanging around.

  4. I always adore the hats you're working on! I agree with Unforth, have you had a few people test the pattern before you put it on Ravelry? I bet a few WIPW folks would be willing to help you out in that department!

  5. For me, having multiple WIP's is a normal state of being. At last count, I had about 8. But it's an individual comfort level so I hope you get back to your magic number again soon. That is a gorgeous fourth project!

  6. I go through phases of casting on multiple projects, and then later (sometimes much later) of finishing them up. I'm sorry that trouble-maker is taunting you, but I can't wait to see it!
    I'm looking forward to seeing your hat pattern on Ravelry too. I'm not sure how far along you are in the process, but I found the Ravelry wikis very helpful when I offered up my first hat pattern. I started with this one:
    And then they sent me links to other wikis. Hope this helps. I'll have to "friend" you over there so I can see when you post it. : )

  7. Your wips are so colorful together. After a dreary day of snow and ice, it's nice to see knitted color.

  8. You know what:
    I even blogged my hat unfinished for a February blog project (
    and wore it almost every day (
    UNFINISHED, with the ends not woven in.
    Nobody knew ;-).
    Last weekend I got to sew them in and I have to admit, I'm happier.

    I think many knitters have been there where you are. I do understand.

  9. I like having three or four projects going at once, but I also find that four is a little bit anxiety-producing. Somehow right around there my WIP tolerance moves from "isn't knitting fun? look how many things I can play with?" to "why haven't i worked on that one? and why haven't i finished anything this week?" Good luck with the hat that's not cooperating - maybe the next try is the one that gets it done.

  10. I love love love your stripey hat and look forward to seeing the pattern on Rav. Put that trouble maker in timeout until it learns its lesson. You've done plenty for February.

  11. Thanks everyone for your comments and advice-- I'm going to look into getting my pattern tested before I officially release it!

  12. I think I'd get crazy and overwhelmed knitting one hat a week, but you're rocking it! Good luck with the tricky, fiddly hat, and if it give you more attitude, put it in the timeout corner for a while.

  13. i'd be happy to test the stripy hat pattern for you it looks awesome! I know what you mean about the no. of wips, but yours are all gorgeous so its OK :D