Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nearly Perfect Day

Sometimes living in Maine feels like penance, but there are distinct advantages. For starters, our state park system is phenomenal. These are from Reid State Park, a mere 45 minutes from home and nearly deserted on a lovely Sunday morning.

This is probably a festering sink of mosquito larvae in the summer, but is quite pleasant this time of year.

A path!

Tiny island!

Close up:

Those are Eric's boots. Now that I have my own camera, I don't mind so much that he stops approximately every ten seconds to take pictures.

He envies my swivel LCD. I was trying to show off here by holding the camera up over my head, but I neglected focus. We both agree that cat tails look like over-cooked corn dogs.

The trail ends at a very lovely beach. I have never figured out how to take interesting pictures at the beach. Clouds, however, are almost unfailingly photogenic.

Signs advertised a marvel known only as the winter toilet. We had to check it out.

Lest we forget, this is a knitting blog, and no nearly perfect day would be complete without yarn. I found this (and many, many other tempting things) at Purl Diva. It was my first trip, but is unlikely to be my last.

What's that, my little Peruvian friend? Did you say you yearn to become... a hat? Soon, my friend, soon.

Anyway, I wouldn't say I believe in karma in the fullest sense (reincarnation, atoning for the sins of past lives, not killing insects, etc.), but once in a while I do experience a sense of deserved reward... or punishment. It took me a very long time to assemble my last post, but I had some (I think) important things to say. Maybe today was an explicit reward from the universe for my efforts-- or maybe I just chose to see it that way.

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