Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 1

I think I may have mentioned yesterday that I am in the middle of a three night stretch at work. When I selected December 1 as the start of all this hat knitting I have yet to do, it did occur to me-- for a moment-- that it was insane to think I would actually start anything today. Since I'm trying not to be both insane and stubborn, I have decided to start the first hat tomorrow. Yet I am taking the time to update my blog.

Leaving that aside, I have a very important question to ask of anyone that happens to read this: does a swatch count as a WIP?

I'm not even supposed to be working on this now, but is occupying two of my 16" circs. Quite useful for hats, those 16" circs.


  1. Totally. And bonus points if they're really pretty colorwork.